Aussie skills shortage prompts new Kiwi exodus fears
By Christopher Adams
12:45 PM Monday Feb 8, 2010

New Australian employment research has shown skill shortages in many sectors - leading to fears that more skilled New Zealanders may soon head across the Tasman to fill gaps in the Aussie job market.

The report, commissioned by Clarius Group, which operates a number of recruitment agencies across the Asia-Pacific region, found a "significant and surprising turnaround" for the majority of skilled occupations across Australia in the December quarter.

Seventeen of the 20 skilled occupations covered by the report indicated an increase in demand for skilled labour, with nine of those categories registering a shortage of skilled workers.

According to the report, the oversupply of skilled labour across the 20 occupations was down from 45,000 (in the September quarter) to 17,000 in December.

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