Food prices up in July - veg and dairy to blame
11:00 AM Thursday Aug 12, 2010

This follows a 1.3 per cent increase in June and a fall of 0.7 per cent in May, the latest Food Price Index from Statistics New Zealand shows.

The fruit and vegetables subgroup rose 8.7 percent in July due to a seasonal rise in vegetable prices.

Higher lettuce (up 44.9 per cent) and tomatoes(up 13.9 per cent) prices were the main drivers.

Vegetable prices normally increase in winter months, with lettuce prices typically peaking in July.

"Vegetable prices rose 29 per cent over June and July this year, which is about the same as the increase over June and July last year," SNZ's prices manager Chris Pike said.

Grocery food prices rose 1.2 per cent in July 2010.

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