Net migration inflow for June just 70 people
By Brian Fallow 4:00 AM Thursday Jul 22, 2010

The net gain to New Zealand's population from permanent and long-term migration last month could have fitted in a couple of airport buses.

There were just 70, and that is after allowance for the normal seasonal slowdown at this time of year. The unadjusted flow was a net loss of 733 people.

The seasonally adjusted monthly net inflow has fallen steadily from 1800 in January and reflects both fewer arrivals and more departures, especially to Australia.

The net inflow over the past three months, if annualised, is just 4100 or a quarter of the actual gain over the past year. The annual gain of 16,500 is higher than the average of just under 12,000 over the past 20 years.

The main sources of permanent and long-term arrivals (those who say they intend to remain for at least a year), which includes returning expatriates, were Britain and Australia, with just under 16,000 each, followed by India (6700) and China (6000).

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