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Thread: NZ won't cap migrant work force

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    Default NZ won't cap migrant work force

    NZ won't cap migrant work force
    By Lincoln Tan
    4:00 AM Monday Jun 28, 2010

    New Zealand will not follow Britain in limiting the number of migrant workers coming into the country, says Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman.

    The British Government is expected to impose a temporary limit today on the number of migrant workers from outside the European Union, before a planned permanent cap.

    Dr Coleman said skilled migrants brought skills New Zealand needed to grow the economy and the country could not afford to block people with skills "we are permanently short of".

    "We've always matched our temporary permits to the demands of certain occupation, and the system has always worked well for New Zealand and is constantly being reviewed," he said.

    Dr Coleman said he had not been briefed on the details of the British changes and could not comment on how the migration cap could affect New Zealanders wanting to move to or work in the UK.

    More here.
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    Default Immigration

    At the last company i worked for, they brought in 10 people from the Philippines and paid them peanuts. They treated them like slaves. This puts downward pressure on Kiwi wages and conditions and they know it. I have nothing against the Philippino guys and they were all decent people but they should get the going rate. Its inequality otherwise, by way of a capitlization of an impoverished nations workers. The unions are toothless here and the Employment and Contracts Act 1990 saw to that. We are being sold out plain and simple. New legislation only compounds the already low wages and conditions of the average Kiwi. In my view we are being turned into a slave plantation and its not just me harping on about this. There are a lot of unhappy people in the workforce. I know, i speak to them.

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