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Thread: Expo focus on self-help for migrants

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    Default Expo focus on self-help for migrants

    Expo focus on self-help for migrants
    By Lincoln Tan
    4:00 AM Wednesday Jun 23, 2010

    An annual event which helps immigrants settle and find jobs in New Zealand will this year be looking instead at self-employment and assistance with money management.

    Migrant Expo organiser Mel Fernandez said the change in focus was a sign of the times and that usually the only way a new migrant could find employment in New Zealand was "to buy themselves a job".

    "New Zealand has been successful in attracting many skilled migrants, but they are usually the last on the block to be employed by Kiwi bosses."

    He said the economic climate and the high level of unemployment among locals would make it "near impossible" for new migrants to find jobs. In Auckland, 510,000 people are jobless, and the unemployment rate has climbed from 5.1 per cent last March to 7.3 per cent this March.

    Asian unemployment is even higher, at 9.8 per cent - more than 22,000 unemployed.

    Government labour market information shows the largest employment decline in Auckland has been in manufacturing, retail and construction, and also in the financial and insurance service industry.

    More here.
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    Bad news :(

    Not just for immigrants but of course for the Kiwi's. Only thing for me is the numbers don't stack up. I understand the population of NZ to be approximately 4 million, 510k in Auckland alone would take the percentage to 12.5% and thats not counting the rest of NZ. It would also be counting the whole populations as eligible for work, maybe there is a zero too many on the number?

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    Those figures don't quite work out

    These make a bit more sense

    "The unemployment rate in Auckland increased to 7.3% for the year to March 2010 (national average: 6.4%) from 5.1% in the year to March 2009

    There were 23,954 working aged people receiving unemployment benefits from Work and Income in the Auckland region at the end of March 2010.

    The Auckland regional council area has a population of 1,303,068"

    taken form here

    Regional Labour Market Reports - Auckland - March 2010 - NZ Department of Labour
    Landed in NZ, 13th August 2008


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    I agree, in my opinion, the statistics in the original article are incomplete and misleading.

    I suppose it might be correct to say that 510,000 are jobless in the Auckland area if that figure included those too old, too young, those incapacitated and those not wanting to work.

    Also the original article is written to suggest that there are over 22,000 asians unemployed. That seems unlikely if the total figure of those unemployed and claiming benefit is 23,954 as stated by banjo john. The number of unemployed asians would be much less, even if the percentage unemployment rate is higher. I suppose the factor I'm missing is how many unemployed there are who are not eligible to claim for unemployment benefit.


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