2degrees slashes rates in price war
By Kelly Gregor
4:00 AM Wednesday Jun 16, 2010

2degrees launched an aggressive calling plan yesterday that will challenge the prices Vodafone and Telecom are charging.

The mobile carrier has dropped the cost of calls between networks by nearly a third, from 44c to 30c a minute, in a bid to increase its market share.

But Vodafone criticised 2degrees' new plan yesterday, calling it "misleading" for not disclosing how customers are charged.

2degrees, like Vodafone, charges to the highest minute on pre-pay, so if you call someone for 2.3 minutes you pay for three.

Telecom charges to the minute on pre-pay for the first minute and then to the second after that.

Vodafone spokeswoman Michelle Baguley said the everyone100 plan was misleading as customers would not get the full 100 minutes for $30.

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