Drivers list top ten frustrations
Last updated 12:48 15/06/2010

Drivers using mobile phones to talk or text despite the law change cause most annoyance to other road users, according to a survey of New Zealand drivers' top 10 frustrations.

Drivers not paying full attention to the road were rated second in the AA Insurance survey of 3270 New Zealanders aged 18-65.

"A driver who becomes frustrated or impatient as a result of inattentive driving is more likely to have an accident," said AA insurance deputy general manager Martin Fox.

"These accidents can result in larger insurance claims as frustrated drivers can often drive at a higher speed."

Drivers needed to be more aware on the roads, Mr Fox said.

"Even a small accident like rear-ending another car in a carpark could cost you your no-claims bonus or bump up your insurance excess, not to mention that of the other motorist.

"What we ask is that drivers bring back some courtesy on our roads. No one wants to have to claim for an accident caused by frustration, inattention or thoughtlessness."

Top 10 driver frustrations

1. Drivers who use hand-held mobile phones to talk or text while driving, despite the law change;

2. Drivers who are not paying full attention to the road;

3. Drivers who turn corners from the wrong lanes;

4. Drivers who increase their speed at a passing lane so you can't pass and/or drivers who slow down after the passing lane;

5. Slow cars who don't pull over to allow others to pass;

6. Drivers who don't use their indicators correctly (eg. don't indicate or continue to indicate after they need to);

7. Drivers who are not courteous while changing lanes or merging;

8. Drivers who tailgate;

9. Drivers who don't give way to cyclists or motorbike riders when they should;

10. Drivers who don't dip their lights for oncoming traffic at night.

(Source: AA Insurance drivers frustration index 2010)

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