NZ petrol 4th-cheapest in OECD, says Govt
8:30 AM Tuesday May 25, 2010

New global comparisons of petrol prices show New Zealand has the fourth- cheapest petrol in the rich countries' club, the Organisation for Cooperation and Development.

Analysis by the Ministry of Economic Development, based on International Energy Association data, found that the cheapest petrol, after government taxes, in the December quarter of 2009, was in the U.S, Mexico and Canada, where the tax component of the pump price is also the smallest.

Petrol in the US and Mexico is about $1 a litre. It jumps closer to $1.40 a litre in Canada, and is above $1.70 in New Zealand, and slightly more expensive again in Australia.

The highest priced petrol was in Turkey, at a little over $3 a litre after taxes.

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