Retailers face scramble after GST rise
By Grant Bradley
4:00 AM Thursday May 20, 2010

Retailers face a scramble to get new price tags on imported goods ahead of a tipped October 1 rise in GST, expected to be announced in today's Budget.

The Retailers Association says clothing, footwear and gift products imported by major chains are price-marked at the factory.

"It is critically important for the industry that sufficient lead time is given so that pricing changes can be made," the association's chief executive, John Albertson, said.

In a submission to Finance Minister Bill English, he said that the October 1 implementation date was the earliest store owners could cope with the change.

"The ideal would be April 1, 2011, but we realise that this would be unlikely given that is an election year."

A GST rise will be sweetened by personal tax cuts, and based on past experience, the impact on sales is unlikely to be huge.

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