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Thread: Bring the cane back in schools

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    Default Bring the cane back in schools

    Bring the cane back in schools
    By Vaimoana Tapaleao
    4:00 AM Saturday May 15, 2010

    Half of New Zealanders support the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools, according to a national survey of 1000 people.

    The poll, by Curia Market Research, asked: "Do you think a school should be able to choose to use corporal punishment, if the board, parents and principal wish to have this as an option for school discipline?"

    Fifty per cent agreed, 44 per cent disagreed and 6 per cent were undecided.

    Bob McCoskrie, the spokesman for lobby group Family First, claimed violent incidents in secondary schools this week were proof of a need for stricter punishments.

    He claimed that the removal of corporal punishment had resulted in "more dangerous" schools that were tolerating an unacceptable level of violence and offensive behaviour.

    More here.
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    so, they want to act on violence, by using violence? I don't get it. Grown-ups should know better than that. Corporal punishment is proof that you don't know how to handle kids. THey should ban teachers like that from school, it proves them inadequate.

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    A certain proportion of children today have never learn respect for anyone in positions of authority and sometimes that's perfectly understandable when you see the behaviour of adults.

    I feel that society as a whole needs to learn more self-retraint and a sense of responsibility towards others. Caning people doesn't teach that - it breeds resentment and exacerbates disrespect for authority.

    It's an old truism, but respect needs to be earnt and good behaviour needs to be taught through good example at home and at school and in society generally.

    Holding up physical violence as some sort of cure for misbehaviour is a nonsense bred from frustration and lack of imagination. That's my opinion anyway.

    However, we shouldn't draw the wrong conclusion from this report. It is really asking if schools should be run in a particular way if that is the will of the board, the principal and the parents.

    So it's really a question about self-determination for schools and not a pure question relating to corporal punishment itself.

    As for Bob McCroskie, who's he? some kind of sadist? He deserves a good caning for being a non-scientific rabble rouser...


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