Desperate migrants living in vans
By Lincoln Tan
4:00 AM Monday May 10, 2010

Immigrants who cannot afford rental housing on their own are doubling up on accommodation, or even living in vans.

Some are further cutting costs by spending nights in their vehicles parked on the side of rural roads or in public car parks, rather than going to campervan parks or camping grounds.

Cheng Goh, of Settlement Support North Shore, says high rents have resulted in many people struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Some had become really desperate.

Unlike locals, who could move in with family and friends, newly arrived immigrants faced limited options on who they could turn to, she said.

"It's quite sad to see people who come here to set up a new life, only to have their lives turned upside down," said Ms Goh.

"It's just unfortunate that when you come at the wrong time, everything seems to work against you."

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