Real winter may pass the North Island by
By Anna Leask
4:00 AM Sunday May 9, 2010

Here's some solace for those gripped by flu - the North Island can expect a warmer-than-usual winter, with plenty of sunshine.

Forecasters predict temperatures up to 4C above average in some parts, with plenty of sunshine.

They say the calm conditions are thanks to "neutral" weather patterns caused by the departing El Nino system.

It came after a week in which Auckland's temperatures hit 19C, warmer than Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

Weatherwatch analyst Phil Duncan said: "I think we'll continue to see daily highs that are 3 or 4C above the normal for northern and eastern New Zealand. Auckland will continue with mild days and probably milder nights. I am stunned that we are one week into May and I still haven't lit my fire and used a heater.

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