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Sweet new drinks can kill kids, says expert
By Simon Collins
4:00 AM Friday May 7, 2010

Murray Clearwater says two bottles of the drink are potent enough to kill someone. Photo / Steven McNicholl

Alcohol experts are warning parents to keep their children away from cheap, sweetly flavoured drinks laced with enough alcohol to kill them.

Liquor Licensing Inspectors Institute president Murray Clearwater held up two 1.25-litre bottles of a raspberry lemonade called Big Foot at a conference in Manukau yesterday which he bought at a price of "$15 for two".

The drink is eight per cent alcohol - double that of a standard beer.

"That's enough to kill someone, let alone a child," he said.

"Twenty standard drinks [the two bottles combined] could create gross intoxication in an adult, let alone a young person, and puts them at greater risk of walking in front of a car or alcohol poisoning. A thousand people die a year directly related to alcohol."

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