Chinese flocking to NZ but it's only a stopover - study
By Lincoln Tan View as one page
4:00 AM Tuesday May 4, 2010

New Zealand is experiencing a surge in migration from China, but many of the new arrivals are unlikely to stay, an Auckland University doctoral student's study has found.

China has been New Zealand's second-largest migrant source country since the Immigration Act 1987 came into effect, behind only Britain.

Last year, China outstripped Britain, supplying the highest number of new immigrants aged 20 and over.

Even after gaining New Zealand citizenship, many will leave, either to return to China or to go to a third country such as Australia, says the study, titled "Homeland on the move: New Chinese immigrants to New Zealand as transnationals".

"Being a New Zealand citizen does not result in full incorporation with and a sense of belonging to the host society for new China immigrants," said the report by Liangni Liu, 33, a doctoral student at the university's School of Asian Studies.

"Nor does it deter the pervasive identification of being 'Chinese' or the conceptualisation of 'home' as an emotional longing for the place of origin."

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