Migrants up against dual work woes in recession
By Lincoln Tan
4:00 AM Saturday Mar 27, 2010

Jobless Asians are barred from work in their native countries because of their NZ citizenship.

Asian immigrants who have given up their birth citizenship to become New Zealanders are being hit by a double whammy in the recession.

Asian unemployment is well above the national average at 9.2 per cent in New Zealand, so many are looking for work in their native countries.

But despite having job offers, many struggle to get work visas as they are now considered "foreign" workers.

Immigration expert Paul Spoonley does not know how many are in that position, but those affected are from countries that do not permit dual citizenship.

"One of the strengths of New Zealand is that we allow dual citizenship and migrant mobility, so it's really disappointing that migrants who have made a commitment to New Zealand are being put in a no-win situation," said Professor Spoonley, of Massey University.

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