Chinese immigrants tell of tough new lives in NZ
By Lincoln Tan View as one page
4:00 AM Wednesday Mar 24, 2010

Chinese immigrants come to New Zealand seeking a better lifestyle, but the harsh reality for many is longer working hours to make ends meet and less time for leisure and family, a study has found.

A Massey University report, Bamboo Networks: Chinese Employers and Employees in Auckland, shows a gap between expectations and reality for immigrants from the Chinese mainland.

"Many Chinese immigrants underestimate the difficulties of migration, and are finding that they have to work a lot harder once they get here than before leaving China," said researcher Professor Paul Spoonley.

Researchers interviewed 20 Chinese employees and 20 employers who are permanent residents for the report.

They were asked about their hopes and dreams before they arrived in New Zealand, their leisure activities, community involvement, retirement plans, home and family and experiences of discrimination.

"Migrating and settling in New Zealand is harder than many had thought, and they are having to compensate by re-establishing themselves here and working a lot harder to get a decent income," Professor Spoonley said.

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