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Thread: Kayakking - go on, it's fun!

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    Default Kayakking - go on, it's fun!

    It seems that every New Zealander does it, or has done it. Naturally, being land-based Poms, we had never done anything like that. With kayakking being part of my kids' school camp later this month, I thought it was better for them to be taught (and maybe embarrassed) in front of family and strangers rather than school mates.

    We went on a guided tour with a local tourist company, which really was an excellent idea as most of us there were beginners. We left our shoes/sandals at the boat house, were fitted with a lifejacket, a splash skirt (to keep those many drips off your legs) and a choice of paddles. There are watertight cubby holes on the kayaks to put things in, and straps on the outside if you want to attach sunhats, water bottles etc. To have my camera at hand, I had put it into a tupperware container and plastic bag which I attached under the straps. When dressing for kayakking, remember that that lifejacket does have some thermal value, and your legs and arms will get wet. You will also need good sunscreen, and apply it again at least once.

    We were shown how to take the boat out into the water and how to paddle. Then off we went. Most adults had their own individual (or uno) kayaks. With my kids, we had two duos and one uno. Unfortunately, these duos are a lot heavier and harder to manoeuvre, and the two boys soon had trouble keeping up with the rest of us. Fortunately, our guides were used to this and gave the boats a tow now and again.

    We kayakked from the coast down a river inlet, had a snack break, then back - the whole taking about four hours. Only one young guy's kayak rolled and he fell into the river, but he was soon on board again. It can be hard work, especially when paddling against the tide, but if we can manage it, most of you can ... though expect some muscle aches later. ;D

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    Default Kayakking - go on, it's fun!

    Hurray for Glenda who always comes up with the goods. Well done and I hope the muscles are relaxing a bit by now.
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    Default Kayakking - go on, it's fun!

    keep the adventures coming glenda, it makes great reading here in rainy UK.

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    Default Kayakking - go on, it's fun!

    My nephew in Nelson got a sea-kyak for his birthday last week. His Dad (my brotehr), whilst showing him how to kyak properly fell out / tipped it over at Tahuna Beach in front of all my nephews school friends.He says it was on purpose, but we suspect differently.

    Its good to know that parenting skills & Dads making an arse of themselves is alive and well in NZ!

    They do say that the only way to truely enjoy the Abel Tasman National Park is by Kyak, with a tent on board and just camp up on the beach front camping grounds - some of which are only accessable by boat....bring it on!




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