Anyone else who hasn?t done this before, if it?s any help, this is my version of how to put photos on. Perhaps there?s an easier way to do it and all suggestions will be welcome, as I sweated blood trying to get it right.

Click on Taffy?s link, which takes you to the log in screen for the photo uploads.
Enter name and password and click ?Verify membership?.
Then you get onto another screen where you can browse for the photo you want to upload.
Taffy recommends the file size shouldn?t be more than 1MB. I inadvertently managed to put one on that?s 1.62MB, although it took a while to upload.
Click on the chosen photo and eventually a link will appear. It can take a minute or two.
Highlight the link and copy it.
Go onto the normal message screen (usually involves logging in again), making sure you?re on Photos n? Things, and open either a New Topic or Reply to a post.
Paste the link into the message box, highlight it, then click on Img just above the box.
You?ll see [img] has appeared at either end of the link.
This is the time to write any words to go with the pic, either above, below or just after the link.
Just to verify that the photo has come out properly, click on Preview at the bottom and you can see the photo, hopefully, in the Preview screen. If not, there is a problem that needs sorting.
* See below for adding more photos.
If you only want to post one photo, then click Submit.

*Now comes the tricky bit. If you want to add another photo to the same message box, go through the same procedure. You should find that you have 2 screens open ? the message screen and the upload screen. Return to the upload screen, go back using the green arrow and browse for another pic. Paste the second link into the box underneath the first one and the same with the third one etc.. This would be where you?d have to watch the total size of the pics you are putting on. Each link should be treated separately when highlighting and clicking on Img, so that each link has its own set of [img]link[img]. When you have entered all the links you want, make sure that there is no gap between JPG and [img], even if JPG appears at the end of a line and [img] goes onto the next line. I couldn?t see the gap but it was there. I just backspaced once and it resolved the problem. If you don?t close this gap, you are left with only a link instead of a pic. If you?re happy with it all, click Submit as usual.

Good luck! You'll need it if you're using my instructions. :icon_biggrin: