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    I would like to ask you a bout the EOI(Recognized Qualification)...I made a Pre-assessment Results (PAR) of my Qualification and NZQA give me a level 7...but I am really don't know they need International Qualification Assessment (IQA) Application instead of the PAR or not....please if you have any info. about this please share it with me.Thanks

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    Hi Lou, glad you picked up my message. I don't look as often as I used to but am still enjoying following certain folks!! Yes, we are back home in France. Our time in NZ really made us focus on what we wanted to do and where. We have just sold our house here near Dijon and have bought a 3 acre farm in the SW (NOT the Dordogne!!) . Our plan is to be more sustainable not to work for 'the man' (why man I always wonder!!) and to dip into modern life if and when we want to. I think it's like your plan in fact, only in Europe. Anyway I am looking forward to following your blog, especially when you get to God's Own Country!!
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    Hi Lou,
    I am sending this mp as ( as you may know ) we didn't stay in NZ, so I always feel I must be v careful what I write on this forum. However, have been following you and Jon's progress as felt same type of person-ish! So, I would recommend having a good look at Christchurch. We spent a month there. V small city, v clean, v English but also not ie café culture etc. Never saw any violence but didn't go out at night except to visit Koko and then loved the ease of crossing the city in zero traffic to get back. Ian also ran in Hagley Park and went out v early on buses, again no problems. Good architecture which made me feel like I was not in a hick country. Excellent art galleries and music scene. Nicely alternative withour being totally Glastonbury or Totness. Good cinema too. The south island is different, more polite, more beautiful, and if anything is happening it will happen in ChCh as everything else is crappy!! Once again we stayed in the 'nice' part, Merrivale as there seemed no point in becoming depressed by cheap, bad motels when you have gone that far. The rent was 500 a week, furnished. Sumner and the coast is near with a good farmer's market and great arty feel ( for NZ standards) ; the teperatures for us were way too low, but hey!! If I was ever to return it would be to round there. I'm sure you will visit all the cities anyway.

    Best wishes,
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    I was certainly giving you a compliment Lou. I admire peeps like you. I am vair disorganised and too impatient to plan anything properly. My every day is loop the loop, suck it and see. Bit crap really - not my life - my attitude :[

    Anyways, get theesen to Hamy babe. I need a yoga teacher I tell you. My zumba training was cancelled this weekend and I'm trying to rearrange the traiing session down here in Hammy. I so vair excited. I just choreographed all new routines for my dancefitness class and couldn't help putting loads of latin in. Tough if the folksies don't like coz I do.

    Look forward to seeing you soon and have you hear ote back from telly?
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    Lou, you are note like and a bit like your avatar. I liked you immensely yet retiscently because you embody all sensibleness that I cannot entertain. That might sound like an arse up compliment but it actually is a compliment. I respect peeps who have their lives all sorted out nice, at the same time as thinking its a bit boring - can't help myself. However, I have the feeling you are a bit of dark horse and I would like to get drunk with you. Why are you e-friends with your husband on this site - I've just noticed! I would have ignored him. Like you don't have to put up with him enough at home eh? I don't mean that but I do. I don't mean the putting up with him part but I do mean the ignored him part. I was sad when I read you were thinking bout Welli, we need a friend network up here you know and I am presently craving creative types that I can feed off of when necessary. Do a girl a favour!!!!
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    Hi Lou,yip we like Chch fine. The weather has been brilliant since we arrived late jan and our house is very close to the beach,so had good fun there.
    Its started cooling down a bit now though,but we have a cosy wood burner,they are brill
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    Can I be your first friend, Lou? Hope you arrive safely back in the UK with only good thoughts about NZ.
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1 year later ...

by zummerzet_lou on 02-09-2009 at 04:58 PM
Well, Im feeling more than a little nostalgic as I have just dropped my Dad off at the airport for him to return to England after spending the last couple of weeks with us. Whilst we have had a wonderful time with him, the time has flown by far too quickly and has made us realise how much we miss having our family close to us. I know that Dad enjoyed his stay here, and Im already looking forward to catching up with him next year when I hope to travel back to the UK with James and Lauren.

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3 months in ...

by zummerzet_lou on 21-11-2008 at 11:24 AM
Did I really just write that? 3 months? Where has the time gone?

Yes, all that planning and stressing and organising and here we are - 3 months after the plane touched down onto Auckland Airports runway.

Thanks to the efforts of Taffy, we had a car for our arrival (which is still going strong), and in less than a week after arrival I had a job lined up.

We had a very jet-lagged week in Auckland - saw quite a lot of the sights though, and collected our

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Impatience is not a virtue!

by zummerzet_lou on 03-07-2008 at 08:40 PM
You'd think that after the last year of waiting for our New Zealand residency to come thought, I'd have learnt a little patience?


This week I have been waiting on the verdict of 2 job interviews. Every morning I eagerly open the email account and nowt, and each evening I've sat waiting for my mobile phone to ring.

There are 2 potential jobs, one in Wellington and the other in Auckland. I've even come around to the fact that we might end up in Auckland

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Going around in circles

by zummerzet_lou on 11-06-2008 at 01:38 AM
It was nearly a year ago that Jon and I made that momumental decision to try and emigrate to New Zealand. After lots of frantic surfing, reading and researching we had not only decided to "go for it", but also that we loved the idea of living in Christchurch.

We sent off for new passports, and submitted out EOI, all the while gathering as much information as we could. Our cunning plan was to buy a campervan, tour and travel New Zealand and somehow magically get a job, and

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My Adventure in NZ

by zummerzet_lou on 15-04-2008 at 10:49 PM
Saturday Monday.
Jon drove me up to Heathrow and between us we found the check-in queue for Air New Zealand. Thankfully, Jon just dashed off back to the car so there was no long drawn out goodbyes, so I was left to get on with queuing, and going through the various palavers of checking in, going through X-ray machines etc.
We boarded the plane at 4pm, and it took off on time. The first half of the flight seemed to go really quickly I soon became acquainted with the entertainment

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