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    pril to visit sis. I wandered if you were able to find that letter about the childen's settlement in nz. I know when we last spoke things were manic for you. But while i'am out there i my as well get this letter drafted so i can get my x to sign fingers crossed.Hope you and the family are in good health. Regards Essexbird.....
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    Hi Dawn.

    I've sent you a couple of private message's.
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    who's in the house?
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    Hi Dawn im new to this ,ive read your blog about getting family members to be interested in your dream .Im passionate too about NZ ive never been ,but have done lots of research ,my Husband & 10 year old son cant wait to go ,but my 16 year old Daughter is giving me grief any advice?

    Regaurds Cradley.
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    Ah, we don't get half as wound up as you might try for. Somehow I'm not convinced you're a quiet unopinionated gal, but can accept the possibility :) My sister is full of bravado, too, and surprised me way back when she talked about being afraid of getting beaten up at school.

    Perhaps I'm not as AR as Gaz - no ulcers or heart trouble. I'm glad he's calming down in the land of laid-backedness.

    Keep on being you, as I'm sure you will.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your Zumba - as for the latin in the dance classes, I'm sure everyone will love it. I mean, how can you NOT like latin? (Not that I've done much dancing, but did manage to drag Jon along to a few ballroom classes, where we did Rhumba, cha cha, cha and salsa ... loved it!). We gotta get to Hamilton, as I am already planning putting Jon in your hands to get him trimmer and fitter ;-) well, you can try as I've failed!!

    I'm hoping to attend a yoga workshop in mid May .. just gotta convice Jon, as it's a full Saturday, which will mean he'd have the kids. Tis Iyengar yoga, which I've never done before, so just wanna have a nosey, and a try.

    Jon and I are still to film ourselves - might have to get our arses in gear, as it needs emailing back to them this week!
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    Thanks Dawn, I think?

    Well, I truly want to move to Hamilton ... and even applied for another job there last week! aiming a bit higher this time "Software Development Manager"!! They've already emailed me re.timescales so might be a winner ...

    As for being e-friends with Jon, we try not to see one another too much in the real world, so not too bad putting up with him here ;-)

    How's your zumba? When are you off for the training?

    Lou x
  8. I thought someone may have posted some abuse on here. What a shame, I was soooo looking forward to it as well.

    Meadow, I don't know you but from your comments you sound like the folks I have back in Glasgow. You'll be right honey. Much love xxxxx
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    Hi Dawn
    thanx for the lovely blog comments.
    Great to hear from folks who have done it the same way,and great to hear things working out for people.
    Hope you get the pr sorted soon,we are hoping to get in for that as quick as poss after w/permit.
    take care
    Meadow xx
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Ayup spangos

by Dawn on 23-05-2009 at 11:59 PM
There's this frigin awesum place I live in and I'm trying to write about it but my fingers won't work proper. Now sum of you who know me might think that its Saturday and the red stuff has been flowing .............right from ere on in I am not going to correct my typos might be interesting eh!! Well, Taf and WG are not rounf ere so not too much red stuff but I av jus tx her and she said I wil talk to you 2moz bout the finer details coz i an at a party ad sum what funk and i tx er back and sed cool

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Well about bloody time

by Dawn on 23-10-2008 at 09:21 PM
Well, well, just about vair nearly timely time for another bloggeroony Cor, it's been a while eh? I have been soooo busy that I have been forgetting to quando quando.

Well, life is just about as good as life gets I reckon apart from winning the lottery although, I wonder how many lottery winning people are still as unfulfilled and miserable as ever. Bet their perspective shifts from 'If I won the lottery my life would be so much better, I could have all the things I wanted',

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Done and dusted

by Dawn on 19-07-2008 at 11:02 PM
There was once this really selfish woman who had a plan to ruin all of her family's lives by moving to the other side of the world. For some inexplicable reason, she had this feeling that this place on the other side of the world, the one with the clean, green reputation would be a better place for them all to live. Her family however, (bar one), had other ideas. Despite her best efforts to persuade them, which in itself was like wading through mud, they remained impassive about the whole idea.

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Updated 19-07-2008 at 11:04 PM by Dawn


Sheep development!!

by Dawn on 11-05-2008 at 12:28 PM
As I was opening the gate at the bottom of our drive yesterday morning, I noticed a sheep looking at me alluringly through the thin wires of the fence. It had a black face and black legs but a white fleece. It had two hangy-downy bits of wool dangling from one side of it's neck like stringy snot and I didn't like the look of it at all (the sheep that is, not the stringy snot type things - well, thinking about it, I didn't like the look of either of them). Sheep don't really look at you alluringly,

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I have something to say

by Dawn on 08-05-2008 at 06:07 PM
I was listening to this woman today and she said, 'There's a boy I know, he's the one I dream of um hum. Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above, oh oh' I said, flipping eck Whitney, shut y' gob wailing and shag him. She didn't answer me. It's the same every time. She, apparently, never takes my advice.

There is a flock of sheep in the bottom paddock now. Not our paddock, the mans next door. They seem to have appeared over night. They weren't there when I came home at 8.30

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