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Thread: shipping few boxes and bikes

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    Default shipping few boxes and bikes

    Hi everyone,
    Wondering if you can give some advice about shipping 3 or 4 boxes of stuff and two bikes? We don't have enough to fill a container. I guess I'm looking at Excess baggage type companies. Can anyone recommend any that they have used - what was the experience like? What about bikes? Do they have to be ultra clean? Any ideas on costs. Sending small amounts by sea doesn't seem much cheaper than airfreight.
    Need to depart in 2 weeks time so advice would be helpful before I book this week!

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    A friend brought his bike out from the UK recently in a bike bag with AirNZ from Heathrow via Hong Kong. He put it on as checked in luggage. He got the bike bag at a bike shop in London for about 70 I think. The bike came through without any damage, although he had to travel light as the bike took up over half of his baggage allowance.

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    If it doesn't weigh that much mail it. It will be much cheaper but will take a while if you ship it by ground (boat). You just need an address to mail it to.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cheeky kea View Post
    Hi everyone,
    ...What about bikes? Do they have to be ultra clean? ...
    What they are looking for with regard to cleanliness is anything that could carry seeds or bacteria/virus into the country. Dirt - especially from rural areas - is a significant concern. Scrub tyres, wipe down the frame, and clean chains and sprockets, also check crevices such as in the pedals etc. and you should be fine.

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