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Thread: Container costs from UK

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    Smile Container costs from UK

    Hi there,

    We're finally making the move towards the end of the year; we're now at the point where we're getting quotes for shipping. So far we've had one company come around and measure up - we're awaiting the quote. We were surprised to be told that we'd need a 20 foot container, considering we are leaving most of our furniture. Anyhow - can anyone give me an idea on how much a 20 foot container UK to Auckland is going to cost?

    Thanks in advance....

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    Smile Moving costs


    I have called a few different container companys and found that some will do a shared container for around 1500, depending how much stuff you have this could be an option. Also I have found quotes that are cheaper do not include transporting goods at the other end and you could get stuck with paying an additional fee to get your goods to the house.

    Try Burke Bros as they have been involved with shipping all the police oficers out to NZ from the UK and they are really helpful.

    Cheers and good luck with the move.


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    we paid 5,200 for q 40ft container with crown, it include packers packing and unwrapping us the other side and raking all rubbish away. we were qoted 3,800 i think for 20ft one. With the 40ft one we haggled between anglo pacific, pickfrods, and can't think what the other one was, but it was the other big one. We got them all to reduce the price by at least 600 by haggling.

    Hiope this helps,


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    Hi Paula

    Were you satisfied with the service and how long did the shipping take?


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    Hi, we put our stuff in container the 1st december, we asked them to store it a couple of weeks, it has arrived 9th March. Having said that lady in Crown office was telling me another container that left same time as ours from UKis going to be a month later than ours, guess it's the luck of the drawer. Was very happy with admin side of Crown in UK, have a feeling some things that i hadn't intended taking, wicker laundry basket ect that the crown staff were saying that'll be fine shove it in, and some new stuff i was trying to take out of boxes were packed up pronto before i could de box them, might come back to bite me. Will let you know how that goes.


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