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Thread: Is this true? can only ship one vehicle per person?

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    Question Is this true? can only ship one vehicle per person?

    I've been talking to various shippers, arranging for them to come and quote for our removals. For each one, in my initial enquiry (usually via their website) I mentioned that we will be taking a 1968 Beetle and a Yamaha Thunderace motorcycle. Each one that called me acknowledged this.

    But today I had a strange (to my mind) conversation with the lady from Crown.

    Cr "I believe you want to ship a car and a motorcycle'
    Me "yes"
    Cr "Is your husband going with you?" (a bit presumptios, I thought, but still)
    Me "two people, my partner and me"
    Cr "good, because it would have an effect on the vehicles if he wasn't"
    Me "pardon? do you mean to say that if I were going alone I couldn't take both vehicles?"
    Cr "yes, that's right"

    Is it though? I've not seen mention of it here before. They sent me an email confirming the date they are coming and attached a 'Customs Sheet on Private Motor Vehicles'. I've read it twice, and just about managed to stay awake, but can't see any mention of this. Any one know anything about this?

    My first two thoughts are
    1) if that's wrong, what else will they tell me that is wrong
    2) if it's right, will it be a problem that they are both registered in OH's name?
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    What conditions do I have to meet before my vehicle can be registered in New Zealand?

    To have a vehicle identified as belonging to an immigrant or returning New Zealander, the person must:

    * be a New Zealand citizen, a New Zealand resident or a person entitled under the Immigration Act 1987 to take up permanent residence
    * have lived outside New Zealand for a period of not less than 21 months before the date of his or her arrival in, or return to, New Zealand
    * have personally owned the vehicle
    * have personally owned and registered the vehicle for personal use in a country outside New Zealand for a period of at least one year before the applicant's arrival in, or return to, New Zealand
    * not have had any other vehicle identified as an immigrant's vehicle
    * not have imported, or be importing, the vehicle on behalf of, or for, a third party.

    From here.

    There is a lot of stuff about importing vehicles on the Land Transport website.

    If you want clarification, you could send an email to Land Transport and ask them directly.
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