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Thread: The countdown begins - 19 weeks

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    Default The countdown begins - 19 weeks

    I'm not going to believe we are actually going till we've booked the flights.

    I don't feel comfortable booking the flights till the house and our affairs are in a state where we can go (or nearly at that state anyway).

    We are both untidy people (both had/have very tidy parents - I wonder if there is a connection?) and have way too many things. I can sometimes be a hoarder but can be ruthless and clear things out. My OH is worse than me and is very reluctant to let things go as 'he might want it someday' or 'it might be useful'. Consequently, the house is a tip and full of stuff we don't need (so we can't actually see, get to, or find the stuff we do need). Whenever he has moved before he has taken all his stuff with him. I've told him we are not taking the junk with us to New Zealand.

    Add to the mess the various projects that either got started and never finished plus the damage caused by a leaking roof in last year's torrential rain and I'm trying not to panic.

    Yesterday I sat and made a list of the weeks left to go (we want to leave early to mid October so that's about 19) and then put 'things to do this week' under each one. I've not put too much in for each week so that the goals are (should be) achievable and if I get ahead of myself, so much the better.

    Some things can't be done till others are done. I want to remortgage and let the house. I can't have valuers in for that till the work has been done. There's no point having shippers in to quote till I get rid of the stuff we are not taking.

    So, 19 weeks and I need to

    * clear out a three bedroom (used as one bedroom and two studies) house (with messy garage and loft).
    * decorate the kitchen and replace the cupboard doors and the flooring
    * have the shower attached to the electrical/pipework that's waiting for it, fit a decent bath panel and put down decent flooring
    * fix the low front garden wall that local taxis keep reversing into and knocking down
    * have the leak/flood damage to the bedroom wall (a hole!) and the hall ceiling fixed
    * probably need to decorate (or at least paint) the lounge
    * sell or give away two very large houseplants
    * launder the duvets
    * put a door on my study (because the tenants will want one) and a decent door on the bedroom
    * get valuations and deal with all the stuff ongoing from that
    * get shipping quotes
    * reserach flights and the stuff we are going to do on our holiday on the way to NZ
    * organise a leaving do weekend for friends and family

    then, closer to when we actually go

    * have carpets cleaned
    * have the oven professionally cleaned (for letting)
    * sell the car (our next door neighbour might buy it)
    * cancel all sorts of things
    * spend my Nectar points, Boots points,Tesco vouchers, M&S vouchers
    * organise accomodation for when we first get to NZ
    * organise where to stay between container going and us leaving
    * pack the cases for taking with us (remembering to keep paperwork, CVs etc out to take)
    * get prescriptions (my HRT, OHs asthma stuff)

    We are also taking OH's 1968 Beetle and his Yamaha Thunderace so he needs to deal with the paperwork for that.

    okay, what have I forgotten?
    Jacqi B

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    I'm worn out just reading all that. The best of luck dealing with it. You could look on here for even more things to think about.
    Mother Bear

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