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Thread: Shipping a container to NZ from Oz?

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    Default Shipping a container to NZ from Oz?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie and just looking for a bit of advice as to costs and what's involved in shipping a container to NZ. All experiences good or bad appreciated, and even if someone is looking to share costs, we are looking at moving January next year.


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    Hi there!

    I shipped 17 removal boxes from Sydney to Auckland last year.

    $700 + $165 customs

    I did not take any furniture with me, only clothes etc...

    I remember that they picked it up on time and were great, but it took about 2 or 3months for them to actually ship it off. They kept saying they couldn't fill the other part of the container.. I think it was picked up end of January and I finally got it end of April...
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    Hi PM of 6, welcome.

    Which country are you coming from? That might have some bearing on costs and it depends whether you would need a full 40 ft. container for your total house contents or a 20 footer for part contents and personal belongings.

    If you do a search for 'container' it should bring up some old threads about the subject.
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    Default shipping into nz


    having recently made the jump ourselves i can wholeheartedly recomend FN worldwide , they shipped all of our things over from the uk.. i found them really helpful with all the paperwork..they really held my hand which is great because i found the whole immigration process a glad we did it though

    i dont know what they would charge you but they have a quote thing online F+N - Complete European & International Removals Service

    may be worth a look

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