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Thread: Moving to NZ Concerns

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    Smile Moving to NZ Concerns

    Hi, I am a guy from India. Presently got an offer in Post graduate diploma in Business Administration from AUT University, Auckland I am married would like to move to the Auckland. Kindly suggest is it a Good time to move to New Zealand with family.

    How about the job market for people studied in NZ in the field of BUSINESS administration/Accounting/Finance/HR/as a Trainer.

    What are the latest living expenses in the time of recession?

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    These are difficult times in most places in the world so it would not be wise to state it's a good time to move anywhere at the moment. NZ isn't as badly hit by the recession as some other countries, but there certainly have been cut backs. If you are going to study in NZ first, perhaps things will be better by the time you have finished your studies.

    If you want to look into the cost of living, there is a little about it on a recent previous post.
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    Thanks for your reply Mother Bear.
    if you can also help us which city is best city to live - Auckland or Wellington.

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    This is hard to tell. Every city has pro and cons. It depens on you and what is more important for you. eg in Wellington you have the wind but in Auckland you have the traffic.
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