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Thread: What is entailed in the Physical Exam when filing the EOI

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    Smile What is entailed in the Physical Exam when filing the EOI

    Hi I am kind of unclear about the phyiscal when it comes to medical clearances for moving to New Zealand, can anyone give me a break down of what is absolutely required in the Phyiscal?
    I have not really been given a very clear picure so I was hoping that maybe someone on the forum can lay it out in black and white for those of us still in the process of getting everything together to file an EOI.

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    Have you looked through the medical forms to see what they are asking for?
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    Hi there

    I had my medical/physical in 2006 so Im not sure if it has changed but it included

    Height/weight (im overweight but this wasnt a problem)
    Chest x rays for TB
    General health history - not backed with any proof, just from my answers
    A blood test for sexually transmitted diseases

    Im very proud to say that my certificate with a clean bill of health hangs in the loo!!

    Its wasnt too bad at all, just a bit of a run around as different bots had to be done in different towns

    Hope this helps

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    Hi, I've just had my medical done in Feb. and it's still the same. There's the questions about your health, height/weight/ waist measurement, systems review exam (full check up basically), and then they stick needles in you (!!) to take blood, and an XRay. I had it all done in one place. It needs to be a medic who's on the NZ immigration approved Medics list I think. You can find a list on the Immigrations website.

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