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    Default Mobile phones

    Hi all,
    we currently have a mobile each on contract (o2) which has now expired so we can now either get an upgrade and pay 12 months line rental (we could still be in the UK for 9 months yet) which would be a reasonably priced way to get a new mobile, or buy a pay as you go phone.
    I went into a mobile shop and nobody seemed to know what would work in NZ, one chap said I need a quad band mobile, is this correct or is he trying to sell me a more expensive phone?

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    Default mobile phones in nz

    Hi Simon

    I took my o2 contract phone (***** 3010 ...I think!) to NZ on last visit, went into Vodaphone shop bought a pay as you go sim card and used in UK ***** phone, no probs making calls in NZ or texting/ recieving text from uk, if phoning uk much cheaper to buy a phone card. Also used in HK with uk sim on stopovers.

    hope this helps

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    My super-cheapo pay-as-you-go NOKI-A 1101 from Tesco works alright. Had to get it unlocked from the Tesco network before I left the UK, but I've been here about three years and it's still going well. Even got a new battery from the manufacturer-the-forum-won't-display when the scare was on.

    BTW, I reckon I have the worst phone on the forum. Easily.

    Hey Taffy, why can I mention Tesco but not *****?
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