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Thread: My experience of shipping companies

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    Default My experience of shipping companies

    I just wanted to provide feedback on my experience with shipping items. I used Anglo Pacific and they were absolutely fantastic. The packers turned up at the promised time and did an excellent job, only 2 wine glasses broke. However, World Moving and Shipping were the NZ shippers used by Anglo Pacific and they have been completely useless. I had to continually chase them to arrange delivery. They didn't unpack and take away the packaging as promised. They were incredibly inflexible with delivery times. My flat mate had to accept the delivery for me. I had left my camera in its case in a place that I couldn't forget it when I went away for the weekend that morning, that evening I found the empty camera case under the bed in that room and no camera. The delivery men were the only people in the house all day except for my housemate. They were initially very good and passed this to the managing director who said he would talk to the drivers and get back to me. That was on the 15th December and to date I have not heard anything back from him despite 2 emails from me and one from my contact at World Moving and Shipping. I am also still waiting for one item to be delivered by them which they have failed to deliver twice despite me waiting for them. Basically I can highly recommend Anglo Pacific if they use a different carrier at the NZ end.

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    What a disappointment. Such bad news for you. I hope you get it all sorted out.

    We were really impressed with Anglo, hoping to use them later this year, but knowing this I will enquire about who they use in NZ.

    Where did you move to? I wonder if they use different people in different parts of the country?

    Good luck with sorting it all out, and thanks for the info.

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    A company really can't afford to have a thief on board. Not good for their reputation, especially coupled with the other inefficiencies you mention.

    Hope you can manage to recover your camera Sarah.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Bahhh!!

    Awful, I also had some stuff nicked - even the dvd film rental 'disappeared after the deliverymen left!
    Now we have to do it all again, fingers crossed this time that Crown Removals will be a big improvement on the last lot!

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    This happens with most of people but it cant say that particular company 's shipping service is not well,may be some some reason behind it .I also purchased many things last month ,but there is not any type of complain with me.

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    If you have any stuff go missing tell them you need the names of all staff who had access, then let the company know that you will be filing a report with the police - and do it. If the police get reports of missing items after deliveries from certain companies, they can see the pattern and do something about it. Without knowing about each case their job is harder and the thieves is easier. It may not help you directly, but it could save the next person.

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