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Thread: Help on moving to New Zealand

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    Default Help on moving to New Zealand

    Hi all

    I am hopefully moving to New Zealand in September 2009 with my girlfriend. I have alot of questions to ask so hopefully someone on here might be able to help in any way. I have been told i would be excepted for perminant residency if i applied but im hopefully coming over on working Visa 1st because i have never been to New Zealand and then aply for perminant residency while im there

    - getting my qaulifications recognised in New Zealand, where/how
    - finding work
    - how much money will i need to go over with
    - areas to go first

    Thanks to all who can help and pass on their experiances and knowledge with me

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    You haven't mentioned Auck or Welling.
    And not sure what is your skillset for job is the main website for job hunting and immigraton NZ website is government site for all PR/visa related queries.
    If you have a job offer here, PR should not be that difficult. Pls check the skilled migrant list. If you do not qualify for that, your work permit will be eligible for residence automatically in 2 years.
    Places to stay initially with girl friend is a city apartment rented with 21 days notice to move. This will have safety,gym,pool,access to city/univ and other areas,mainly heating and furnishing.
    I am not sure what areas you want to visit first, since initially there will be settling or breathing time needed for you guys. is it a vacation spot or residence you are looking for?

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