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    Default DVDs!


    I've just had a thought. Am a big film fan and have several box sets of films etc which I was hoping to take with me to NZ. Does anyone know whether we can bring our British DVD machines and DVDs with us? And are the DVDs going to be compatible on NZ DVD players if we bought our own?

    I suppose if in doubt I could always play them on my laptop and project them onto a wall haha...


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    We have our UK DVD player, plugged into a NZ TV and works fine.

    Only problem comes when you hire or buy NZ DVDs as they are the wrong region to play in it. Same would be true of UK DVDs in a NZ DVD player (i.e. probably won't play).

    The question is, is there a hack for your DVD player to make it region free?
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    We have a huge collection of UK DVD's. We bought a new DVD player and surround sound syestem here in NZ (Panasonic). Hubby just checked up on the website found a service centre local and they unlocked it for us for nothing. (think they were supposed to charge about $15 so would have still been worth it).
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    excellent. so i guess the options are to bring UK DVD player or buy NZ DVD player and then figure out how to unlock these things. Good thing I'm emigrating with a boy heehee! Cheers x

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    We brought over loads of UK DVD's and then we bought a DVD player from the Warehouse for $50. The player was multi-region, so no unlocking needed and all DVD's play in it

    Now the only problem is buying DVD's for the folks back in the UK!

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    I'm not sure about TV compatibility - I believe both NZ and the UK use NICAM sound.

    See here for DVD regions around the world. New Zealand is Region 4, the UK is Region 2 (so is Japan, oddly enough, but happily for those of us with shedloads of anime DVDs). A lot of DVD players are region-free, or can be made so.
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    Default DVDs and other leccy entertainment stuff

    Hi Guys,

    Had a look round a few places and found that the UK TV broadcast standard is different as the UK is PAL i and NZ is PAL b&g, generally, this would mean that from a "tuning" point of view, there may be problems but most modern tellies will do both as well as the USA standard of NTSC (Never Twice the Same Colour)

    None of this should matter though when it comes to DVD playback as you are taking your own equipment, telly, dvd amp etc, the only thing to look at would be the 240v plugs but that is easy to sort, take a UK gang lead and stick an NZ plug on it.

    Excerpt below taken from world telivision standards web site:-

    PAL - Phase Alternating Line. Developed by German engineer Walter Bruch and the German electronic corporation Telefunken. Walter Bruch
    patented his invention 1963 and the first commercial application of the PAL system was in August 1967. Also a 625/50-line display and variant of NTSC. Proponents call it "Perfection At Last." Due to the cost of the enormous circuit complexity, critics often refer to it as "Pay A Lot," and engineering students may hear it introduced as "Picture Always Lousy." Different types use different video bandwidth and audio carrier specs. Common types are B, G and H; less common types include D, I, K, N and M. The different types are generally not compatible.

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    Kiwi discs don't play on our Japanese-made UK-bought dvd player so I bought a super-rubbish Chinese-made dvd player for $29.99 at The Warehouse. It has worked great for a couple of years, but wouldn't play the NZ version Quantuum of Solace I got for Christmas. (Might have been Mama Mia, but I'm not going to admit that)

    Anyway, I blew into the disc slot to clear any dust. That didn't work.

    I sucked it with the vacuum cleaner. That didn't work.

    I lost my temper, picked it up and smashed it down onto the floor as hard as I could. In fact, I hit it so hard that the case cracked. Funnily enough, that did work and it's still playing alright now!

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