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Thread: To visit or not ?

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    Default To visit or not ?

    I wondered how many of you that have made the move visited NZ first ?

    We orignally were taking a 3 week holiday this year before applying for our visas etc, but we decided against that on the bassis of saving money and time. We just want to get out there a quick as possible as we were already 95% sure of our decision did see the point in spending thousands to make us that extra 5% sure.

    Anyones opinions would be great .


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    I've been to NZ three times. On the first day of my first visit I knew I never wanted to live anywhere else. However, I did grow up hearing from my father, who had lived in NZ for ten years during the 40s and 50s, what a wonderful place it was. This despite his having lived there during, and been part of the 151 days lockout ( see 1951 New Zealand waterfront dispute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and The 1951 waterfront dispute |, New Zealand history online if you've not heard of it).

    I guess whether you should, or need, to visit first depends on what it is you are hoping/expecting to find there and what you are leaving behind. For example, are you selling a house here?
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    Hi Lara,

    When we moved out from the UK in 2006, we hadn't been here before. We didn't do a recce because of the cost (there are five of us so tickets were expensive) and because we knew we really didn't want to live in the UK anymore. We also had young kids and didn't want to put them (or ourselves) through additional long haul flights....

    This subject has come up on the forum before. I'm sure MB will find it, but I remember that some of the people who made a visit said that it can be hard to get a feel for NZ while you're in holiday mode.

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