Hi Everyone,

My name is Snehal and i am from India[Mumbai]. I am a 3D Artist and have 4years of experience working in the animation field in India. Still lacking some skills so I am planning to take a diploma course in 3D animation from Media Design School Auckland next years in the August Batch. And finally get and job and settle in New Zealand.

I am relying on a bank loan for funding my studies. So once i have finished my 1year course within 3 months after the course i will have to start the loan repayment. I tried to find 3D animation studio's and info on the animation industry but haven't been successful in finding many job opportunities. Although the world renowned studio Weta Digital is located in New Zealand, Wellington but then you cant expect to always have an opening there. Can someone help me with some info about the animation, VFX and film industry in New Zealand.

US has a lot of good courses in animation but i cant afford those courses and with the current economic condition i think it wouldn't even be a good option i hope i am making a right decision. Animation is a booming sector in India as well but the pay packages are very poor in India and cant see a future in India continuing in this field. And as of right now i am staying in a government quarter as my mom is a government servant. Once she retires we will have to vacate this house. And staying on rent in Mumbai will be a lot difficult with the kind of salary we get in India. And moving from mumbai to any other part of India there isn't enough opportunity in this field.

New Zealand has been doing well in 3D Animation and visual Effect in the last few years with movie like King Kong, And Lord of the Ring trilogy done by Weta Digital. And also New Zealand is also a Beautiful country to live in.

Since i will be relying on bank loans for funding my studies and the repayment will start 3 months after the course gets over, just wondering what sort of salary can i expect in New Zealand. I am not being specific to 3D animation just in general how much can a starter expect in a field where in he has just finished his education. I know it always gonna be better than India. Also due to the lack of New Zealand experience i may have to settle down for a low package initially but can i still expect a package where in after Tax Deduction, Living Expense, rent and other expenses am left with NZ$650 for repayment. Is that a realistic figure.

Any input would be valuable and informative and will help me plan in how much money can i borrow and how much should i put from my own pocket.

Thanks in Advance waiting for a reply.