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Thread: taking a cat away from NZ ?

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    Default taking a cat away from NZ ?


    As I wrote in my introduction, I'm not coming in NZ for living here (I would LOVE !!!) : we are coming from India for tourism, in february.
    I'm trying to buy a cat here, in NZ (a ragdoll one), as this breed is impossible to find in India.
    I found the cat, now, I'm trying to organise her shipping. Here are the informations I got :
    - we are traveling back with singapore airlines from auckland. Singapore airlines does accept pets as "accompanied luggage", an luggage excedenthas to be paid (26$/kg), if the shipping is organised by a shipping-agent ;
    - then the compny gave me a list of agents.

    I'm trying to have quotes, but for the moment, I got only one, of 2000 $. It seems expensive, but I've no idea of cost of vet-check and MAF certificate.

    May some of you know more about leaving NZ with a pet ? Any help is most welcome !



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    Hi Virginie and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like you would need to check up on pet import procedures for Bangalore before you go any further. It looks like you may have to choose your inbound airport carefully. This may be why you need to have an agent handle the import for you.

    Any good pet shipper should be able to give you details of the paperwork and/or any injections and blood tests your cat would need before leaving NZ. It certainly does cost a lot for a pet to travel from one country to another so $2000 may be the general price.
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    Thanks MotherBear ! I appreciate a lot these well-documented links !

    Actually, if the cat is travelling with us as a "luggage", there are no other required formalities than governmental-vet (MAF) health certificate and usual nz vaccines at the Indian customs. Problem appears if the shipping agent is sending the cat by freight, without us : then, quite no way, Bangalore customs are "strong-minded", quite wishing to make trouble to foreigners...
    If the shipping agent wants to send the cat without us, Chennai is the better airport to deal with, BUT it adds some more costs for us, to go there and come back.

    What I need is a "cost", as for the moment, one of the shipping agent is quoting 2000 $. Before going deeper in this quote, I'd like to have advices, to be able to understand / argue / agree on cost, as this will be expensive for our family.

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