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    Default Shipping Question

    Hi all - We are new to the forum, but have been approved for a residency visa for NZ and are moving to Auckland in Jan 2009 - Very Excited.
    We have been speaking with lots of shipping companies about sending out 20 boxes (approx sizes 50 x 50 x 50) - Has anyone done this and do you have any advice in this regard. Our cheapest quote (480) has so far come from The White Company - Has anyone used them and if so are they good/reputable.... so many questions......
    Thanks in advance for your patience, advice and answers.
    Em & Rich

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    Hi Bifter,

    Sorry we don't appear to have anyone who's used The White Company, but just wanted to welcome you to the fold.
    Mother Bear

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    I used Whites to ship our belongings out to New Zealand. They haven't arrived yet so can't comment on their overall performance but the UK end was very good.
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    Thanks... Looking forward to the move!

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    Hi, we used the Excess Baggage Company to ship 9 boxes, they were quite good, easy to contact and were good at answering questions and queries. Once the boxes were in NZ we were dealing with Transworld and I found them good to deal with too. Our boxes took about 10 weeks door to door and they were all in good shape, only had one additional charge that I wasn't expecting and that was for the cleaning of two pairs of shoes (that I'd already scrubbed before packing them).

    You quote sounds good, we paid 578 door to door.

    Good luck with your move.

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