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Thread: cell phone while in NZ

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    Default cell phone while in NZ

    I have spent hours researching cell phones but am sad to say Iím still confused! O.k. I am from the U.S. am leaving for NZ on 11th of November, and staying for 12 months. I was not going to bring my laptop because it is old and is about to die and is too bulky for travel. That being said I was interested in possibly getting some kind of phone/internet like a blackberry. I am currently a verizon wireless customer so I looked into this new ďworld edition blackberryĒ that has the GSM thing. I can get a relatively good price on it because Iím already a verizon customer and there unlimited internet service is slightly pricy but might be worth it. However the rates are awful! $1.99 a minute calling anywhere in the U.S. or within NZ, .50 text and .05 incoming text. That just seems outrageous! They also have a Motorola for less money but itís just the phone that has the GSM in it and the rates are exactly the same as stated above. Both of these require the global sim card I guess?

    SoÖ obviously not doing that. I found this Skyp thing which seems to work sort of like vonage here in the states I guess? (through your internet connection) Donít quite understand it though. Then I see they have Skype for the ***** N800/N810 which seems a bit pricy does anyone understand how this really works? Is it only through WIFI? So you can only make the calls, and or be on the internet where there happens to be WIFI correct? Well, how much public WIFI hot spots are there in NZ? Iím guessing not too much. Am I wrong?

    Does anyone understand the new I think it was called Skype300 phone? Does that work only with WIFI as well? Can you call anywhere even if people donít have Sype? Can I when in NZ make a call back to my mom on a landline and my brother on his cell phone in the U.S.?

    Would it be at all possible to say, buy the world edition blackberry, pay for the monthly internet service that apparently works anywhere (relatively speaking) and then get this Skype service. It looks like it is like $10 dollars. I believe you can buy a NZ # and a 2nd # that would be local to yr. country of origin? Iím sure verizon service does not want you to do this, but would it work?

    Any other advice would be appreciated. I am still very confused. What are my options? Do you think it easier just to get a phone when I get to NZ? Rates apparently arenít very good in anywhere in NZ!

    Thanks so much, -Lani

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    Look on there are tons of cell phones for sale. there is only and as carriers. Check out the plans.

    New Zealand has the highest cell phone rates in the world. Don't expect hem to come down either. Sometimes you can get a good rate though your employer as they get a better rate.


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