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Thread: Bringing wine into New Zealand

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    Default Bringing wine into New Zealand

    Hi Guys;

    I am from South Africa and have built up a reasonable wine collection over the years. I am now heading to Wellington, arrive 1 Oct, and am wondering if anybody knows what the limits / costs / taxes / etc. for bringing bottles of wine into New Zealand?

    I really don't want to leave the wine behind ...
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    Looking on here it says,

    There is no duty free entitlement for unaccompanied tobacco or alcohol, and there are restrictions or prohibitions on certain other items.

    Maybe it has something to do with NZ producing its own wine and them wanting you to buy it rather than bring in your own. It could also be that only pre-used items are allowed into NZ free of duty and unopened bottles of wine are classed as 'unused'. You can send the odd bottle of wine to someone in NZ as a gift but not on a regular basis. You can get permission to import a particular wine collection that you can prove you have built up over a period of years free of duty. The paperwork is quite complex in that you need to note each bottle down, the price and when it was bought to prove you haven't bought it simply to ship down to NZ. If you only have a small amount i.e. within the normal limits of duty-free imports you would probably be OK.

    This is supposed to be Advice on Importing Goods into NZ but doesn't seem to cover everything fully and seems to apply more to people who buy or bring stuff in from overseas on a trip rather than a migrant importing his/her shipment.

    I think you have up to 5 years, if you are a resident, to import your shipment and you are only allowed one shipment free of GST during this time. Bear in mind, if you are shipping wine, that it might deteriorate during transit. The ship will pass through some pretty hot and sticky regions and will take about 2 months to get to NZ. Or maybe you intend flying it down?

    Having said all this, I have heard of people including alcohol in their shipment and not having to pay duty or GST on it, so I guess it's one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't scenarios. It's probably down to the discretion of the officer that receives the shipment, which isn't very helpful if you don't know which way they're going to go.
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    Thanks for the reply;

    Yes I intend on flying it down as putting it on a ship will destroy the wine completely. I have been put in contact with a customs agent who is currently looking into my options; so let's see what happens.

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