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Thread: Bedroom furniture/bedding

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    Default Bedroom furniture/bedding

    Hiya everyone,
    Hope someone may be able to help. Our daughter is off to Rotorua in 4 weeks and is getting quotes for her effects to be shipped over later as she is getting rented accommodation for a few weeks on arrival.
    However, she is wondering whether it's worth shipping her bedroom units - drawer units, not wardrobes - or buying new from IKEA (flat pack) and shipping those instead. OR whether she is better off financially buying new/2nd hand in N.Z.
    She favours the IKEA and ship out option herself, thinking that value and quality etc would be hard to beat in Rotorua. Any thoughts?

    And...she needs to think about bedding for her rented accomm on arrival. She rightly thinks that packing her case with duvet, pillow and sheets etc may well be a bit too much to ask (!) given the other demands on space and weight etc but she's eager to keep an eye on her spending and is worried that these items may prove quiet expensive pro rata to buy once there. Any thoughts on this??
    Hints / tips would be very much appreciated.

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    I wouldnt really know how to advise with the furniture,as i packed the lot,but know when it arrives,im now not going to need a lot of it.
    But then thats here in a rental house,i could still need them when we move to our own house later.
    As for sheets,you find over here that warehouse,briscoes,even the food shop countdown,sell flannellette sheets,and most are competing in prices.
    We have got a few bedsets at good prices here,and i find them good quality.
    But im in Chch,where just now its damn cold,so i dont know what Rotaroua is like,sorry.
    Im sure you will get more help,but just thought id let you know that i bought all bedding here,quilts,pillows the lot
    And didnt find the prices any much different from UK
    Good luck

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    If it helps we bought some pillows and a duvet inner yesterday.
    Pillows we got from Briscoes at $35 each.
    Duvet inner from Warehouse at $55 (king size winter one)
    We also got some duvet covers and sheets from the warehouse ($60 for king size duvet cover and 2 pillow cases and $80 for fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases)

    These were all mid range. I didn't really like the quality of the cheaper pillows/duvet inners but that's just me! You could also spend a lot more if you wanted!!!

    As for bedroom furniture I'd be tempted to ship stuff out. We shipped out some ikea chest of drawers and am glad we did. We've just bought a bed here and we got a good deal in a sale but really had to shop around. Chest of drawers and other bedroom furniture seems really expensive to me. Mattresses are also expensive!

    Hope that helps,

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    My friend emigrated to NZ a few years ago and regrets not bringing more of her household contents with her. She left behind her food processor and blender etc (which have never been replaced!), Le cresuets, coffee and teapots, good knives etc etc and found that these items were A LOT more expensive over there. Depending on finances I would try and bring as much stuff as you can. I know I am stocking up on IKEA things (beds for my children, duvet covers etc etc) for my big move in November.

    My sister lives in NZ and I have been sending her money to buy me a few things because the exchange rate is excellent at the moment.

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    You can search for this on Google its quite easy...... you can find beautiful sheets in a reasonable rates.

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