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Thread: Electrical Codes

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    Default Electrical Codes

    My understanding is that electrical codes differ in NZ from North America. I'm wondering if converters can be used for everday products such as blow dryers, etc etc. Also wondering about electrical converters for tv's, computers, etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    NZ uses 220 volts not 120. You can get converters but it is a hassle. Most computers support both power rates 120 and 220. I got ri of anything electrical when I came over except my vacuum cleaner and a drill. I got a power converter to use. The will run just slightly slower because we are 50 cycles and the US/120 uses 60 cycles per second.

    I would tell you you might want to think about replacing things after you get here unless it is valuable. You can fin thingd even in the US that support dual - things like hair dryers, etc,.

    Hope this helps.



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    I brought a 4 Gang extension lead with the U.K. plug removed, so that all I had to do on arrival was to fit an N.Z. plug and we could charge our mobile phones, laptop, etc without the need for a pocketful of adapters.

    I did get a bit of a shock though, if you'll pardon the pun, when I discovered that N.Z. plugs are not internally fused, unlike the U.K.equivalent.

    Different philosophy over here.

    No problem for voltage for us though 230Vac, but as Cliff points out, a lot of kit is dual voltage.

    A bigger concern with respect to Television, may be the compatibility of your Telly to the N.Z. PAL broadcast standard.

    We have found electrical items to be very reasonably priced, (again admittedly a U.K. perspective), so if the worst comes to the worst, and you can afford it, have fun shopping when you get here.
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    It's also common practice in NZ to fit double 230V sockets above washbasins in bathrooms. I might be wrong, but I'm sure that's against regulations in the UK and US.

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