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Thread: where in new zealand should I move?

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    Default where in new zealand should I move?

    Hi there,
    My partner and I are moving from the U.S. to New Zealand in a year or so. It sounds like Auckland is expensive and big. I think that we are looking for something a little bit smaller, less expensive, but still with good job opportunities.
    Does anyone have suggestions on smaller cities which would be good places to move to?

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    There are two New Zealands. Auckland and the rest of the country. 1/4 of the population is in this one city. It is similar to many other big cities around the world. There are more jobs and big companies there and for some the only place for their skills. Traffic is a nightmare but if you like the big city is maybe the only place you will be happy.

    It depends on your job or what job you can find may determine this. The big cities after Auckland ane Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Hamilton.

    Why are you coming to NZ and what things do you want to be close to. Where are you coming from in the US and what are you wanting to do her?




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