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    Default Kitty Quarantine

    I am busy investigating all requirements to begin my EOI application for NZ. Do I need to have my birth certificate before I apply or can I use my pass port number while I wait for the birth certifcates to be sent to me from our Home Affairs which could take about 20 working days. (Yay for me!) This would seem to be my problem at the moment.

    I also want to take my two kitties with me, but they need to go into quarantine. One place mentioned is Pussy cat lodge, but they only have a telephone and fax number listed which makes contacting them a little difficult. I wanted to know if any one would mind contacting them on my behalf (only if you are in auckland) and getting me an email address. It would be greatly appreciated as I need to get costs to ship the kitties! Not sure if kids would be more expensive!!



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    Hi Karin and welcome .

    I've hunted around the Net and finally came up with a site that mentions an email address for Pussycat Lodge. Scroll down to New Zealand and it gives you the authorised quarantine stations and their contact details. Pussy Cat Lodge must keep their email address very secret as there was no sign of it on any of the other sites I visited, only the address and phone number.

    Sorry, can't answer about the birth certificate issue as I haven't had experience of the EOI forms. I know with the ITA you can send in any delayed information after you've already submitted it so maybe it's the same with the EOI. If you're doing it online try it without the number and see what happens.
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    Default Thank

    Hi Mother Bear,

    Thanks so much for the help, much appreciated.


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