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Thread: Returning to New Zealand - import duty

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    Default Returning to New Zealand - import duty

    It's a long time since I posted anything on here - and has been a hectic/traumatic 18 months.
    We were in New Zealand but left in May last year as both teenage daughters hated it and wouldn't do anything at all. Refused to go to college/university/get a job, etc. All made worse by my husband struggling to find suitable work. So we reluctantly returned to UK. BUT no sooner had be arrived and our daughters decided actually life was better, nicer, warmer etc down under.

    So in our madness we have decided to go back in July this year. Flights are booked for 2 July with another couple of nights in Singapore. Good points are - I've already got a job offer with Auckland District Health Board and eldest daughter a place at Auckland University to start 21 July!

    Anyway, after all this my question is - does anyone know about the costs of importing household effects for a second time? I have looked on the customs website and it does say about having to be out of New Zealand for 21 months otherwise you have to pay good old GST, however many of the items I will be bringing back are things I actually bought in New Zealand - fridge, freezer, dryer, garden furniture, beds, bedding, bbq etc.
    Any info would be great. The website goes into greater detail about importing vehicles rather than household stuff.

    Many thanks

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    It's good to see you back here again, Rho, but I'm so sorry that you've had a rough time of it. Hopefully it will all turn out for the best now, but the whole thing must have completely worn you out.

    I'm not sure about taking your stuff back to NZ although I, too, have read that you can only have one bite of the cherry i.e. import your belongings free of GST. I'll have to do a bit of digging around unless someone else has had a similar experience and can supply an answer for you. I guess part of the problem would be proving to customs that some of your items originated in NZ.

    Good luck for your second attempt at NZ and congratulations on your job offer.
    Mother Bear

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