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Thread: Shipping tools?

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    Default Shipping tools?

    We are gradually sifting through all our belongings, deciding what to bring to NZ.

    Can we bring our tools (hammers, screwdrivers etc), not to mention our vast collection of screws etc?

    If so, do they need to be clean? and pristine, or just free of soil ?


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    Hi Lou,

    We shipped our tools out - boyfriend has LOTS of them, he says they are all for his work (electronic engineering), but I suspect he just can't resist passing shiny new tools in a shop without buying them!

    Anyway we didn't bother cleaning them, and they were not pristine (I would have cleaned them if there was any soil/grass on them). They got inspected by MAF and were cleared with no problems. Just remember when they are being packed to make a note of which box they are in for your Customs declaration form and don't lock any tool boxes as MAF will break open the lock if they want to inspect them.


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    i should be reunited with my tools on monday,i did bring alot and fixings to, i did give them all a good scrub,my way of thinking was i can clean them for free if maff decide they want them clean its gonna cost a packet
    plenty of strong smelling cleaner as if the customs people get a wiff then they will assume all is well

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    sooo .. any suggestions for cleaning solution?

    Fairy liquid? Or should I be bulk-buying dettol??

    Lou (sorry .. home pc automatically signs me in as Jon!!)
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    We used Jeyes Fluid to clean all our camping equipment, outdoor shoes and my OH's model aircraft (which were covered in grass!!). It absolutely stinks and the smell lingers so when MAF open the box they should still be able to smell it.

    Be warned though - make sure you use it outside, like it says on the bottle. We left our cleaning til the last minute and it was chucking it down outside so ending up having to do it inside with all the windows open, the fumes left me feeling ill for days!!

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    I didn't bother to wash the indoor tools. The garden tools, garden cart, and bikes I scrubbed down with soapy water and a nylon brush, nothing more. The garden tools I then coated with WD-40 to keep them from getting too rusty on the way over and to show I had cleaned them. The MAF fellow wasn't too concerned, though, since they had only been used around the house and not on a farm. (This may be different if coming from the UK, since the main concern is hoof and mouth disease.)
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    Well we didn't bring tools but I now I wish we did. OK. I brought one of those screwdrivers with 6 bits and a swiss army knife. That's prepared, right? But already we've needed a spanner to raise the seat on a bike and an allan wrench for another bike adjustment. Oh well. I'll try to pick up a small assortment on trademe or something.

    A note on this packing and MAF inspections though - you are warned off bringing soccer cleats and so I didn't pack them in the freight cartons but rather took them in the suitcase. We declared them and got diverted to the inspection line. I figured the worst case I'd get a big hassle and say, fine, throw them away. A nice MAF inspector lady in AUK airport just disappeared through some doors for a moment (presumably dipped them in some kind of chemical) then handed the cleats over in a plastic bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiHopeful View Post
    This may be different if coming from the UK, since the main concern is hoof and mouth disease.
    I dipped all our hoofs and washed all our mouths in soapy water before we got on the plane!

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    Default taking things

    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone let me know what the regulations are for taking things?
    Do we have to lable everything?
    Do we have to get our wooden dinning table treated?
    I understand I have to clean my tools and they may be checked by MAF,
    who are MAF?



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