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Thread: Motel or short term lease

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    Default Motel or short term lease

    Motel or short term rental
    My OH been offered job in Wellington and plans to arrive mid to end March on his own whilst I sell house in UK. We have a lot of planning and preparing and all going well. The biggest issue we have at the moment is where my OH should stay once arrived in Wellington.
    I suggest Motel for first couple weeks so he can settle in job and research areas and accommodation
    He suggest searching internet for one bedroom accommodation on short term let
    Any suggested links or websites to Motels or short term lets and best areas near Wellington CBD.


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    Have a look on here.

    For Rent: Wellington / Manawatu / Wairarapa Holiday Homes & Houses to Rent

    We are heading to Wellington 24th March with 2 young children. We managed to find a holiday let on here for a reasonable price and have booked it for our first 8 weeks whilst we secure jobs and house etc.

    See if there is anything that would be of interest for your OH.

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    You may have to move quick to get a reasonable holiday home as Easter is in March this year and available bookings may be expensive as well as difficult to find.

    A motel unit here often has separate rooms and kitchen facilities, plus has the additional benefit of being serviced. Good sites to check them out are Accommodation, Attractions & Travel Guide for Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific - Jasons Travel Channel and AA Travel - New Zealand Accommodation, Travel Information, Maps & Guides, Transport & Rentals
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