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Thread: Thanks for all the info - good and not so good!

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    Default Thanks for all the info - good and not so good!

    Well I have been visiting this site for a few months now and I just wanted to say that I have found it really helpful and interesting - not that it has made our decision any easier!

    We (OH and I) are also part of the increasing band of disillusioned Brits with dreams of coming to NZ. For me this has been a long dream after I spent 3 years there in my earlier twenties - long story - went to work for a ski season (whilst on my travels) - got a long-term job and work permit and stayed. Since then it has remained my Utopia and I have always wanted to return permanently.

    Now, after some years of discussions and deliberations, OH has completed the EOI (IT professional who also spend some time in NZ ) and is about to send it off and little 'ole me is suddenly feeling quite scared!! I know we are still a long, long way from even getting there but I am worried that I may now be too old to make the move!

    Coming to this site has been great and it has helped to get rid of the rose-tinted glasses that I have been wearing since I was an intrepied back-packing, traveller in NZ (completely unaware of the importance of central heating (or lack thereof), insulation, good schools, decent housing, diversity of products or the such) and given me some of the cons and well as the pros (thanks Nolasmum!).

    We too, want a less commercialised, overcowded, greener lifestyle and believe that NZ can provide this for us and our children (9 & 7). We also think that they will have more time and space to be children there without being pushed too much too quickely - with the ever increasing achievement based education system here (childhood should be a jouney and not a race). But we are now weighing up the idea of not being able to find jobs easily (CHCH), high cost of living versus low wages etc, etc.

    OH just says we should get on with it! But I have a slower, different process which involves research and checking things out for which this site has been really good. So thanks for that and please keep any "nah, not so good, could be better" apsects as well as the positive coming for us 'not-sure-if-we-should-really-do-it-'cos arn't-we-too-old-and-set-in-our-ways----isn't-getting-old-a-bummer' kiwi wannabees!!

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    Hi Desirida,

    Cool to hear that! We too had lots of thoughts before making the move and initially it will be tough but still very enjoyable. So make full benefits of it and enjoy the experience because it will only comes once in a lifetime!

    Look forward to hear your stories in the future...


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