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Thread: Shipping container from East Coast of USA

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    Default Shipping container from East Coast of USA


    I was wondering if anyone on this site had a container of personal goods shipped to NZ from the East Coast of USA. I asked for a general price for shipping a 20' container from Bermuda to NZ and was given a ballpark figure US$16,000 - $20,000! It will all stay behind at this price!

    I will wish to ship pictures, sentimental knick knacks, clothing, DVD collection (oh, will my US bought DVD's work in New Zealand? I am a bit of a movie freak and have about 300 DVD's), christmas decorations etc. - these items could be shipped in boxes via air freight I imagine. I was only considering a container if I shipped all of my furniture but at the cost I was given I am sure it would be cheaper to just buy furniture when I arrive.


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    Wow, thats a handsome sum!

    Perhaps it's cheaper to have it sent to a major port on the west coast, and shipped from there? That just sounds an aweful lot for a 20' container.

    Your US DVDs will work in some players, and not in others. You would have to check for multi-region support when buying a player.

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    That sounds like a lot. I'm paying about half that for a full-service move from the East Coast to NZ. I suspect that a large part of the difference is the high cost of *everything* in Bermuda. Still, though, it seems rather high.

    Have you tried Allied or United Van Lines? Either of them should be able to give you a competitive (and legitimate) quote.
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