Hi Everybody,

I know that insurance is a real moan and groan subject, but please read this and let me know by e mail/ phone if you need any advice etc!

I work for an independent insurance broker based in Berkshire, UK, as the marine cargo specialist. I deal daily with people emigrating to New Zealand and to the rest of the world, and who need insurance cover for their goods whilst in transit.

Although our website is proving a good starting point, we are constantly being told by clients that good advice is hard to find.

Our current rate to insure goods going to New Zealand is 2% of the value of the goods, so if you are being charged more than this then ask why!

We were recently able to save one of our clients over ?1500 on their insurance costs, and I am quite happy to discuss details with anyone, regardless of whether they take a policy with us or not.

It is dis-heartening to read that people have had issues with their goods being damaged, and this shows even more how important it is to make sure you have sufficient cover in place should the worst happen.

Please feel free to contact me at robinnathan@bjpinsure.com, or on 0118 979 2121/ 07931 702263.

Many thanks