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Thread: Arrived at last

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    Default Arrived at last

    Hi Everyone, thought I would share as just woken up in the wee small hours with jetlag!

    Well I arrived in Auckland yesterday and so far so good, the jet lag wasnt that bad today so feeling human which is a good start. I did have a wee panic attack yesterday morning about the whole anormity of it all but I keep telling myself to take it one day or one task at a time and that seems to work.

    Today I start registering with agencies, one a day this week with Friday off, think I deserve a long weekend.

    People here are lovely and I had a great flight over with Air NZ via Hong Kong. On the first leg the flight was near enough empty so had a whole row to stretch out on and sleep a solid 8 hours! The crew were really nice and food/movies etc all great. Would highly recommend it.

    Will keep looking on here for hints and tips on survival but thanks for everyone's sage advice so far


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    Default Re: Arrived at last

    Sounds like you had the perfect flight, Katie. I'm sure that must have helped with the jetlag.

    Fingers crossed that you find a job soon and you can put down roots, which will help you to feel more settled. You have the right idea in just taking one day at a time. Everything's too new and strange at the moment to think any further ahead. There's a whole blank canvas in front of you, ready to fill in with whatever comes your way. I hope it's all good.

    Keep us posted on your progress and good luck with the job hunting.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Re: Arrived at last

    Hi Katie,

    Welcome to NZ!

    You must be so happy to be across now, the weather is picking up a bit and everyone's in the festive mood.

    Good luck with the job hunting!

    Keep us posted with your progress

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    Default Re: Arrived at last

    Hello Katie.,

    Haven't 'met' you before but all the best in Auckland... it took us ages to feel even slightly settled, (arrived 4th Sept) and can only say now that we are staring to!!! We're on the North Shore of Auckland
    Debra and family

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