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Thread: Moving..what about all my Whisky

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    Default Moving..what about all my Whisky

    I've a pretty extensive whisky collection and will not be able to use it before moving even with leaving parties and it is too good to leave to the few people i know who drink the stuff.
    Can I stick it in a container along with our belongings or will customs get upset/have to pay duty? (they are all opened bottles)
    Will they get smashed on the trip anyway (don't really want our bed and furnature smalling of single malt for years to come?


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    Default Re: Moving..what about all my Whisky


    , I suspect that it would be very tricky trying to ship opened bottles of liquid to NZ. ?I know they are very strict about allowing in opened packages/jars of food but that's due to the risk of seeds and other unwelcome stuff getting into the NZ environment and running amok. ?I'm not sure how the sea journey would affect the whisky as it would pass through very hot and humid conditions on its way down.

    I think you'd probably be able to ship sealed bottles but it's down to your shippers whether they'd be prepared to take the opened ones. ?They may do, on the understanding that you accept that the contents may deteriorate in the climate they pass through.

    I have a couple of links for customs and MAF, but, Sod's Law, they aren't working now. ?Here's one that I could get to work. ?It doesn't mention alcohol as being restricted. ?I would, however, watch out for import duty that may be charged, but possibly 'domestic' booze might be exempted. I'd check with the shippers on that one as I've heard some people have been warned to expect charges whereas others haven't. Confusion reigns, as usual. ::)

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