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Thread: We're on the move at last!

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    Default We're on the move at last!

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry haven't been on for while, but with the frustrations of house selling and so on, haven't wanted to tempt fate.

    Anyway, house now sold (for the 2nd time, first one in August fell through with 1 week to exchange - I so hate the house selling process in the UK), we move out next Friday. Packers in Tues/Wed.

    Flights booked, leave UK on 16 Nov and arrive in AKL 26 Nov, via Holland (to visit my sister) and Singapore for couple of nights.

    Have accommodation booked in AKL and then BOP, as thats where we are staying for now.

    Looking forward to getting to NZ and some better weather than here (I Hope).
    Can't believe its actually happening after all the waiting around.

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    Default Re: We're on the move at last!

    Hi Rho,

    Goodness gracious! You must be jumping for joy at the moment, [smiley=041.gif] nervous [smiley=103.gif] or both! [smiley=Hilarious_laugh.gif]

    Congrats on getting your house sold - that must be such a relief. Good luck with the packing and flight. Let us know what's happening!

    In NZ since June 2005
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    Default Re: We're on the move at last!

    Congratulations! It's so exciting to get to that stage isn't it! Then it soon moves SO fast you'll wonder what's hit you.
    All the best, you'll be here for the hot weather by then.

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